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Financing Sterling Residences

Learn more about the price trend in district 3 and the impact of cooling measures over the years. How Additional Buying Stamp Duty, Seller Stamp Duty and Loan to Value Ratio can influence your buying decision.


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Financing Stirling Residences

New Condo Sales For District 3, Queenstown, Tiong Bahru, Alexandra and Commonwealth

Stirling Residences Price

Timeline Of Singapore Property Cooling Measures

Singapore Property Cooling Measures

Buyer’s Stamp Duty On Or After 20th February 2018

Requirement to Pay Buyer’s Stamp Duty

You are required to pay BSD for documents executed for the sale and purchase of property located in Singapore. BSD will be computed on the purchase price as stated in the document to be stamped or market value of the property (whichever is the higher amount)

If the benefit is stated in the document to be stamped and is a cash discount (i.e. cash, non-post dated cashier order or cheque) to be given to the purchaser upon execution of the document (and not later), the amount of discount may be deducted from the purchase price to determine what is the amount of consideration for stamp duty purpose.  This is provided that the nett price is still reflective of market value.

If the document to be stamped stated a non-cash benefit to be given (e.g. furniture voucher, rental guarantee, car or lucky draw), the value of benefit is not deductible from the purchase price for stamp duty purpose.

If the cash or non- cash benefit is not stated in the document to be stamped, the value of the benefit is also not deductible from the purchase price for stamp duty purpose.

The first instrument executed relating to a sale and purchase is liable to ad valorem duty (i.e. full duty). Subsequent document(s) relating to the same sale transaction is not liable to Stamp Duty.

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD)

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD)

Liable buyers are required to pay ABSD on top of the existing Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD). ABSD and BSD are computed on the purchase price as stated in the dutiable document or the market value of the property (whichever is the higher amount).

Seller’s Stamp Duty

Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) for Residential Property

SSD is payable on all residential properties and residential lands that were purchased on or after 20 Feb 2010 and sold within the holding period.

Singapore’s Mortgage (Loan To Value Ratio)

Normal Progressive Payment Schedule

Stirling Residences Normal Progressive Payment Schedule

Example Of Normal Progressive Payment Based On The Construction Schedule

Note: The computation above is for illustration purposes. Although great care and due diligence are exercised in providing the most accurate information, any person acting upon or relying on this information does so entirely at their own risk. The shall not be liable for any loss arising directly or indirectly as a result of any action or omission made in reliance on any information presented herein at any time.

Project Summary

Project Name: Stirling Residences

Address: Stirling Road

No. Of Units: T.B.C.

Unit Mix: T.B.C.

Tenure of Land: 99 years

Developer: Nanshan Group & Logan Property

Estimated Date Of Vacant Possession: T.B.C.

Estimated Date Of Legal Completion: T.B.C.

Developer: Nanshan Group | Logan Property • Developer’s Licence No: C1252 • Tenure Of Land: Estate in Fee Simple • Mukim/Lot No: MK 3 LOTS 03389X & 05153A • Encumbrances On The Land: Mortgage in favour of Malayan Banking Berhad • Expected Date Of Vacant Possession: 31 December 2023 • Expected Date Of Legal Completion: 31 December 2026